What You Need to Know: The Stress of Stressing Out Can Impact Your Fertility

stress Jun 04, 2021

For those of us who struggle to conceive, we’ve heard the advice to “just relax” or “go on a vacation.” As if we can control our chances of conceiving by relaxing “harder”, or that relaxing has anything to do with the source of stress. 

Well, it turns out it can. Struggling to conceive is a traumatic experience. That’s why 50% of women said that infertility was one of the most upsetting experiences in their life. Further evidence of the impact of stress was recently published in The Journal of Neuroscience. Research by Professor Greg Anderson of the Centre for Neuroendocrinology confirmed that a population of nerve cells near the base of the brain – the RFRP neurons – become active in stressful situations and then suppress the reproductive system.

You’re probably thinking: “Great, now I feel extra pressure that this is somehow my fault?”

And now the stress about how stressed you are adds to the...

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How Organic Conceptions Is Helping You Address the Stress of Infertility

On the path to parenthood, feelings of sadness, failure, jealousy, or grief when you’re dealing with infertility is understandable. It’s how these feelings impact your efforts that are worth exploring. One in eight couples struggle to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy. The latest neuroscience studies are clear: Cognitive behavioral therapy helps balance and optimize emotional health, assisting couples in unlocking the bodymost significant potential for conception. 

Infertility and Stress 

The biological connection between emotional health and fertility is impossible to ignore for any couple looking to optimize their health for conception. Finding ways to minimize stress both on your own and with your partner while pursuing treatment can improve your conceiving chances.  It’s so much more than “just relax!”. It’s about cognitive-...

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