Self-Care Equals Better Patient Care

career support Sep 13, 2021

Self-Care Equals Better Patient Care

A Fertility Nurse Gets Real About Steps To Be Your Best Self at Work

By Tara Brandner, DNP, FNP-C


In the world of fertility medicine, nurses confront a lot of emotionally difficult situations. When a regular part of the job is telling people they’ve had a miscarriage, a treatment wasn’t successful, or they have a condition that causes infertility, it’s taxing for even the most seasoned professionals. It can even make people want to leave the profession they love.

That’s why self-care is so important. People working in healthcare often need to go the extra mile with self-care to build their emotional endurance. That’s why I have several rituals that are part of daily life for me. I’m fairly strict about sticking to these practices because I’ve realized how critical it is for patient care. When people are experiencing their worst days, I need to be bringing my best self to give them the care they...

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2 years ago today I walked away from my identity and into my purpose

It was a bit surreal, for sure, as I packed up a box containing close to two decades of seemingly meaningless items from my life in corporate America. I then walked out of my corner office, handed over my badge, and exited a building that I once fought desperately, many years before, to enter.

My corporate career quest started during my junior year at college when I decided to volunteer my time to prove myself with a local fast growing company. At the time, they were only hiring engineers, and as a Business major, I had no choice but to use free labor as a way to get in the door. After several interviews over the course of 10 months, and two rejection letters (one from a co-founder), I overcame their concerns, and was officially hired on June 5, 1995. I was on top of the world!

Over the next two decades there was not a single day of my employment that went by that I took for granted. I worked every day with level of passion, integrity, and appreciation, never losing touch with...

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