Advice for Future Dads: 5 Tips to Support Your Journey

baby child fatherhood support Jun 17, 2021

When we talk about fertility issues and the emotional challenges, we often neglect to discuss men and what they are experiencing. 

The reality is men and women process emotions differently, but men do struggle as well. How the struggle is communicated and how it shows up is different, but it’s important to take notice.

Men can harbor feelings of inadequacy, performance anxiety, and an overall sense of not knowing the right thing to say or do to support their partner. Why does this matter?

Creating a Deeper Bond

When men are given the tools and support they can play a critical role in easing the burden that often sits entirely on their significant other. Men can emotionally engage at a deeper level to create a level of trust and safety that releases some of the frustration and loneliness women experience on this journey. This deeper bond has a profound effect on quality of life and the reproductive journey. 

This is easier said than done when a man’s role often...

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Amazon where is my baby?

I’m not sure honestly if I can say this statistic (after 6 months of trying 70% of women experienced great concern with the inability to conceive) came as a great surprise to me. In many ways, we are a society that has been groomed to believe that  life is on-demand, that we are a click away from exactly what we want when we want it., social media, and other modern systems  have changed the way we view our interaction with material things from music, to food, to books, to products, and has established an unprecedented expectation of immediacy. This expectation will be fueled even more with the upcoming announcement of drone delivery service. It’s pretty safe to say that we are not a society that is tolerant of delay.

So why would I be surprised to learn that this  mindset has poured into our physical world? After all, we are planned, scheduled, and timed human beings. We are all maneuvering through life’s master to-do list with the...

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