A 5-Step Guide to Ultimate Manifestation

mind spirit Oct 13, 2021


 "The energy we put out in the world is the energy we get back.” -Oprah 

Manifestation is bringing something into your life through the belief that it can be yours. It’s bringing everything you want to experience into reality using your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

There has been a lot of skepticism about the validity of the power of manifestation, however, there is no denying it’s gained momentum in the world of social media and amongst spiritual leaders and celebrities such as Oprah, Gabby Bernstein, and Ekhart Tolle. I am a firm believer and avid user of the law of attraction.


“I am a firm believer and avid user of the law of attraction.”


Naturally, given my field of study and expertise in mindset and fertility, I have written examples for manifesting motherhood. However, these 5 steps can be applied to any desired outcome.

Regardless of your past or present circumstances, it’s important to remember that you’re talking about your future self during this process. You will be utilizing ‘The Core 3’ to bring your thoughts into being. These are your beliefs, feelings, and actions.  Your ‘Core 3’ must be in alignment in order to successfully manifest something. 

There are several principles that makeup what is considered a successful manifestation. I have broken them down into 5 steps: 

Step 1. Get clear about it 

Be as specific as possible with your desire or intention. For example, instead of saying "I want a baby," create a detailed picture of what you as a mother of this baby would look like. What specifically brings you joy about motherhood? This piece is key, focusing on manifesting who you want to be, what you will do, and how you want to feel in the pursuit of manifesting the end goal. 

This is where a tool like a vision board comes into play. Using images and words that look like the life that you are desiring can help you to visually attract the specific details of your manifestation. 

Step 2. Believe it 

In order to manifest something, you need to believe without any doubt that it can be yours. In order to do this, you will need to remove any obstacles or self-limiting beliefs that may be clouding your vision. A vision board can also act as a good gut check exercise to get to the source of limiting beliefs. If you select a picture of a pregnant belly and it makes you think something negative such as “that can never be me”, you will have a harder time manifesting it.

To reframe your self-limiting beliefs, keep a journal of them. Then begin to cast out limiting beliefs as you become aware of them one by one and replace them with supportive beliefs instead. It’s vital to be aware of how these images make you feel.

Step 3. Think positive

Remember, true manifesting isn’t necessarily about the outcome. It’s ultimately about your desired emotional state when you have manifested it. 

Maybe when you first created your vision board, the images made you feel excited about your future. But after months of not getting pregnant, looking at your board now makes you feel anxious or disappointed.  Be careful here, if you are not aware of your feelings, your brain will justify the gap between your reality and what the image holds by creating a rational reason for why you don't have it or can't have it.  Do not ignore these feelings. Manifestation is only as effective as the emotion, energy or vibration we hold for it. Don’t be so quick to replace the image as you are to do the deep work to look at your limiting beliefs and work to shift them. 

Step 4. Act in gratitude

This step needs to happen along with the understanding that you are actually co-creating what it is you are wanting to manifest. There are two parties involved, you and the universe, in collaboration. This is why knowing what you want is only half the battle, you most likely won't see results without taking action. For example, you can sit and look at a vision board all day long, following steps 1-3, but if you don't take action towards your goal, in this case, becoming a mother, you may not achieve it. 

The best way to act in gratitude when manifesting is to ask yourself, What would my future self be saying, acting like, feeling? Truly embodying the state of the person who already has, does, and feels how you wish sets you up for receiving it.  

Step 5. Notice what’s already coming true

Although you may not get everything you want in the order and time you want it to occur, remember that the universe has a bigger vision. Taking the time to acknowledge and be grateful for what you do get—no matter how small, is critical for a successful outcome. Begin to make note of the tiny signs and shifts that are happening around you that are moving you closer toward your goal. 


“Taking the time to acknowledge and be grateful for what you do get—no matter how small, is critical for a successful outcome.”


Once you have these steps mastered, you will begin to notice how beautiful the manifesting process can be. With true manifestation, absolutely nothing is off-limits.

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