Marc and Erin partnered with Kate Webster who has a PhD in experimental psychology and multivariate statistics, to help them sift through the myriad of stories, in hopes of finding evidence that could help couples struggling to conceive.

Dr Kate's philosophy is simple—to understand, at the very core, the sorrows and joys and scientifically map the similarities among them. This mapping can enable us to pinpoint moments of transition and triggers, allowing those on their journey to understand when it’s time to alter their course, leading to an acceptance of oneself, of their partners and one’s situation.

Getting to this place of grace often allows partners and individuals to make room for organic change to occur, a process that leads to remarkable possibilities.  

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Organic Conceptions has mapped critical stages to conception: 

Through this multi-year research project Dr Kate and Marc Sherman have developed a 9-step audio program that helps women and couples normalize the incredibly painful and chaotic journey of infertility. We differentiate ourselves from mainstream infertility treatment by emphasizing the power that our thoughts have on our bodies and spirts. Organic Conceptions recognizes that we are more than eggs and sperm and emphasizes the importance of the “Mind” in Mind-Body-Spirit approaches to well-being. The situation maybe what it is…but it is also what we make it.

Dr Kate and I were so fortunate to have engaged so many coupes who shared intimate details of their stores in an effort to help others who are living with the incredible uncertainty that comes when struggling to concieve.  These stories are the foundation for our organization and we are committed to researching them stories at a level and depth never done before.  Thanks to all who have contributed to this unique body of research!

Helping couples navigate predictable stages when struggling to conceive

Track your journey from the point of delay, to growing fear, to coping with infertility treatment on through to reengaging in life and finally finding peace and ultimately parenthood

The power of our mind, body and spirit!

Learn more about the power our your minds, body and spirit on your journey to parenthood!


When our research participants were able to reframe how they both internalize and personalize the month-to-month delays in conceptions, as well as confront the personal and societal pressures creating urgency in their journeys, we saw incredible things emerge. The mind is capable of so much, dictating the relationship with have with our bodies, our relationships, and our lives. Simply put, our bodies begin to believe and respond to the stories we tell ourselves. When you take control of your conception journey, and recognize where you are on your path and reframe your mind, we know that your story is much more likely to have a happy ending.


We witnessed just about every diagnosis to explain infertility—age, weight, PCOS, endometriosis, low sperm counts, even unexplained infertility—and we also witnessed them become irrelevant once people began to believe in their path. Our participants were able to become aligned and trusting of their bodies, and rid themselves of their “infertility label,”and all the obsessions around what to do and not do in order to conceive. Couples shed the strong and dominate emotions that they were damaged, broken and/or a “part” that needed to be fixed. This powerful alignment of the mind and body paved a path to parenthood.


When our minds are synchronized with our bodies and we come to a place of trust, peace, and acceptance, we enter a state of being that can alter our journeys to parenthood and beyond. Many participants were resisting the process, and in doing so were giving up living because they were living only to try. When we allow the alignment of our minds, body, and spirit especially in times of uncertainty, we open ourselves up to powers that can overturn any statistic or probability. We found that 67% of our research participants conceived in just 6 months after aligning their mind, body, and spirit.  

Stories that contributed to our research!

Jessica and Eric's Story

Jessica and Eric's story is both raw and beautiful: delicate as Jess describes a late-term miscarriage that shook them to their core yet they emerge so very hopeful as their life unfolds. The words and images in this video provide a moving visual of the fear, isolation, and panic that couples experience in the struggle. It then moves us into light and into life through hope and trust in the mystery of life. The experience will shape you as the images and Jess's words help us all to better understand what couples brave in this process and also a look at their courage to imagine what might be.

Ryan and Elizabeth

Here is an interview we had with Ryan and Elizabeth. They received devastating news that they had less than a 2% chance of conceiving naturally. Watch this interview and see how the stories ends....

So much more than "Just Relax"

We created this video to help friends and family understand what it's like when couples are struggling to conceive and why words like "Just Relax" can hurt someone you love!

Where are you on your Journey to Parenthood?

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Written Stories

Overcoming the "odds"

Jessica and Eric got their happy ending--two beautiful baby boys. But what they endured to get there is a story for the books. Read on to find out about their struggle, their moment of surrender, and their surprising road to parenthood.


Surrendering to Life

After two failed in vitro cycles and to years of heartache, Carrie learned to surrender and received the answer to her prayers just five months later: a beautiful baby girl. Who knows what the future may bring


The "gifts" of infertility

After five years of infertility, unsuccessful IVF treatments, and miscarriages, Cheryl shifted gears and adopted a beautiful baby girl. What happened next came as a true shock. Learn how letting go miraculously led to 8 children in 10 years!


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The Journey to Parenthood and Beyond can be your key to progressing toward parenthood.