General FAQ

How much does this cost?

Visit our pricing page to learn more.

What am I going to get out of it?

This is different for everyone. Our approach is to help you achieve optimal emotional health while trying to get pregnant naturally, expanding your family, or entering/in treatment. 

Do I have to talk to somebody?

Not if you don’t want to. We do recommend booking coaching sessions or attending free live group coaching.

Is this going to be private?

Yes, your privacy is important to us and your member’s area is just for you.

How long does it take to complete?

Go at your own pace. There’s no set time limit for the classes or master classes. We do recommend planning time into your week to dedicate to it, but the amount of time is completely up to you.

Are you going to tell me to "just relax" or to "stop stressing"? 

Definitely not. Our approach was developed by research around couples who struggled with infertility for years and they were tired of hearing others tell them to “just relax”. So we aren’t going to tell you that, either.

How is an online program going to help me conceive?

It’s normal to become fixated on your physical health (cycles, lab results, levels, age, etc) however we are more than physical beings, therefore we need to bring balance between our physical and emotional health.

Is this a stress management program?

We don’t need to remind you that trying to conceive is stressful. That’s not helpful. There are a lot of options out there for stress management, but our approach is different. We’re about MUCH more than managing stress. Our approach uses proactive tools and classes that help people optimize their mindset for pregnancy. Our goal is to go far beyond stress management. We've done extensive research into people who unexpectedly overcame fertility struggles. We help you move into a new mindset that can free you from uncertainty and help you to reimagine your journey. In doing so, you’ll optimize your emotional wellness, which has a connection to improved reproductive health.

Do you promise conception after completing?

We can’t guarantee you’ll conceive after completing. But when stress is managed and emotional health is balanced, reproductive health can be improved, as well. In addition, people tell us that the program moved them from survival mode to one of openness, trust, and clarity on their path forward. It’s pretty incredible what happens when we move from resistance and fear to trust and peace.

Is this only for people trying to conceive naturally? Is this program going to conflict with medical treatment in any way?

Our approach is rooted in neuroscience and psychology. It is applicable no matter where you are in your fertility journey, whether you’re in treatment, considering treatment, experiencing a setback, or just starting on this journey. 

Is this for women, or is this for couples?

This was designed for everyone-- but it is not required that you go through the program with your partner. We highly recommend people take this step in their fertility journey together, however, we’ve heard from past clients that sometimes women want to work through the material on their own first. 

Is there a spiritual/faith component to the program? 

Our approach does not take a specific stance regarding faith and religion but there are many parts and components that can absolutely be enhanced and intertwined with practicing faith.

Does this program discuss miscarriage/child loss/grief? 

Yes, we have master classes dedicated to these topics. 

Can I do this while also pursuing counseling? 

Absolutely. This is not to be used as a replacement for therapy.

How long are the classes?

The Journey to Parenthood class consists of 9 modules that are approximately 50 minutes each for a total course time of 7 hours. master classes range from 10-30 minutes. Once you become a member, you receive full access to all program materials, meaning you can take as much or as little time as you need to complete them. These classes are self-paced and auto-pause, so you can pick up where you left off.


Is the program self-paced?

You can complete the course in its entirety from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The audio program is fully online and can be accessed through your member account, or on the Organic Conceptions mobile app. You don’t have to wait for the material to be released periodically or meet deadlines -- you can work through the material on a schedule that makes sense for you.

We also offer coaching sessions.

Is support available as I work through the material?

Yes, we have a certified coach on staff, as well as other staff members trained to offer support. You can always schedule a coaching session as well.

What do men think of the Journey to Parenthood? 

The course aims to treat the couple as a unit so both are equally engaged in the Journey to Parenthood & Beyond. While our positive feedback is predominantly from women, we have had many men tell us that they have benefited from the course and that it has helped them to better understand and validate each other creating greater unity.

Can one person/partner complete the program individually? 

One person/partner can absolutely complete individually. Individuals can also go back and go through it again with their partner and we encourage this considering a critical element uncovered in our research was a deeper connection and unity within the couple. The course will lead to a greater level of understanding, communication, and validation.

What are the journaling exercises like? 

The journal exercises within the course follow the audio modules that are also included. There are a variety of exercises ranging from journaling, list-making, filling out charts, and filling in sentences.

Does it make sense to go through the program while in treatment?

Yes, it makes sense to go through the program whether you are in treatment, considering treatment, or have been through treatment.

Is the program trying to get me to give up?

Our approach is absolutely not trying to get you to give up or let go. It is designed to help you process your journey and make sense of what is happening in a way that can have a profound impact on your quality of life and reproductive health.

Partner FAQ

How can I incorporate this content into my appointments with my patient(s)? 

The best way to incorporate this content into your appointments with your patient(s) is, after familiarizing yourself with our approach, choose which pieces or components best align with your practice, and checking in with your patient(s) regarding those specific sections.

What does professional education cover? 

The professional classes cover useful tips and techniques to help you understand what staff members and patients are experiencing emotionally and psychologically and how to help. 

What are the best practices for introducing the program to my patient(s)? 

Please book a demo and we would be happy to walk you through this implementation.

Who in my office should go through the professional education series? 

We think everyone would benefit from going through our practitioner training from the providers and nurses to the front desk staff. If fertility care is the focus of the office (or even a focus among others) it is important that each person has sensitivity and compassion toward each couple that arrives at your office for care and is able to speak to the importance of emotional health and how the program intertwines with their physical care. Ultimately, you decide who should go through the training.

What is neuropsychology and how can it benefit my clients/patients? 

The definition of neurospychlgy is a branch of psychology, it is concerned with how a person's cognition and behavior are related to the brain and the rest of the nervous system.

Our program will help your patients to diminish negative thought patterns and emotions and replace them with long-lasting positive change and tools to navigate this journey with peace.

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