Your guide to taking control on your Journey to Parenthood and Beyond!

Evidence Based Audio Program

Narrated by Marc Sherman and Kate Webster, this five-part audio program delves into recent and remarkable scientific findings on the topic of overcoming infertility. By applying principles of biology, sociology, psychology, and multivariate statistics this program demystifies unexpected pregnancies by examining commonalities and unearthing strategies that empower potential parents to put an end to the struggle.

Introducing the Journey to Parenthood and Beyond 

We are an organization that through a multi-year research project has developed a 9-step audio program that helps women and couples normalize the incredibly painful and chaotic journey of infertility. We differentiate ourselves from mainstream infertility treatment by emphasizing the power that our thoughts have on our bodies and spirit.

No matter where you are, Organic Conceptions will get you through

Helping you navigate predictable stages when struggling to conceive

Through guided discussions, journaling and applying the exercises that follow each of the nine tipping points in the program, couples can understand where they are in their journey. Couples will gain clarity and become aware of what may or may not be working for them, take back control and rethink their situation as they reach for whatever will be. The program will teach you that the journey of infertility is a process with predictable patterns that offer comfort and insight. The journey has a common language and will affirm that you are not alone.

What you will learn:

  • It is NOT about letting go or just relaxing—it IS about leaning in with awareness

  • It is NOT about age being the primary determinant of fertility—it IS about the mind/body/spirit interaction in fertility

  • It is NOT about controlling an outcome—it IS about being adaptable and flexible in the face of tremendous stress

  • It is NOT about reactive thinking—it IS about taking action with thoughtful intention

  • It is NOT about teaching women to live with a “fragmented-self”—it IS about guiding them to recapture their “whole-self”

Reclaim control of your journey today!