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Stress Reduction Mindfulness Series

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Online Audio Course

Course Overview

Stress Reduction Series is a 28-day mindfulness program focused on training the mind to optimize fertility. This course teaches you to effectively reduce stress while trying to conceive and become a working force in your own physical and emotional well-being.

Total Course Time: 7 hours; 15 minutes daily.

Instructor Bio

Written and Narrated by Course Instructor: Buffy Trupp, MA, RCC, LMFT

Buffy Trupp is a somatic psychotherapist and the author of the Natural Cycle Meditation Series. She has been teaching mindfulness to women and men trying to conceive for 15 years. In this powerful meditation series she teaches you how to become a powerful agent of change on your journey to parenthood.

Module 1

Being Aware of

Reality As It Is

Meditations 1 - 7

Learn the foundational practice of mindfulness: being aware of the breath, body and thinking to turn on the relaxation response and open to the present moment.

Module 2

Removing the Obstacles

to Reality As It Is

Meditations 8 - 21

Practice skillfully and compassionately detaching from the disempowering, automatic patterns of thoughts and feelings that limit your potential while trying to conceive.

Module 3

Accepting Reality

As It Is

Meditations 22 - 28

Cultivate a deeper and deep acceptance: a state of being spacious and receptive to things as they are. This open receptivity is the source of potential and the key to well-being while trying to conceive.

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We would love to support you and have you as part of the Organic Conceptions community.



We would love to support you and have you as part of the Organic Conceptions community.


Our Pledge

We can’t guarantee you’ll conceive after working through our program, but we do pledge if this program doesn’t help you balance your emotional health and improve your overall quality of life, we’ll issue a full refund. 

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