3 Months of Emotional Support & Empowerment

Organic Conceptions "Journey to Parenthood and Beyond" is a 5 part audio program that delves into the remarkable findings from couples who overcame infertility. 

Narrated by Marc Sherman and Ph.D Kate Webster, they discuss in detail the patterns, commonalities, and insights that were discovered in this multi-year study. 

These findings now serve as a framework, to help couples embrace and emerge from their struggle, no matter where they are on their personal path to parenthood. 


5 Part Audio Program:

 Part One - Introduction:

We discuss how we approached the research, the goals of the overall program and how couples can maximize this program to reach their desired result, parenthood. 

 Part Two - Conception of Doubt:

We explore how doubt comes to be and how doubt can easily be all-consuming, ultimately driving our thoughts and dictating the choices we make, relegating couples to the passenger seat as they struggle to become parents. 

   Part Three - From Patience to Patient:  

We look at what leads couples to lose patience and move into the patient role. We study the impact of getting a "label" and/or diagnosis as they seek out answers and look for the fix. We take a deep look at the impact of treatment and how couples can cope during this challenging time. 

   Part Four - Surrender into Life: 

We examine what causes couples to reach their tipping point, realizing they can't continue their existing path. This change often brings an unexpected result, allowing them to reach back into life, achieving a level of awareness and renewal that dramatically afters their journey to parenthood and beyond. 

  Part Five - Organic Guidance: 

We've synthesized the entire program into an actionable set of tools and recommendations that will provide you a path forward, as you accept, trust and grow on your journey to parenthood and beyond.