Online Practitioner Training Series

Practitioner Training Series includes:

  • 4 Part Video Training Series
  • 3.5 Hours in total 
  • Access for 12 months


In this training series Ph.D. Kate will educate our practitioners on the key aspects of our research and the intentions and design of the audio program, The Journey to Parenthood and Beyond. 

In the training we offer strategies they couples can employ at any stage to increase levels of well-being and connection to self and others that can help to increase the probability of pregnancy within and “outside” traditional treatments.  In addition, this program is NEVER about couples giving up on parenthood. On the contrary, it is meant to capture how reframing a situation can lead us to the gifts of a journey that may end up with us being more than when we began.  There are many paths to parenthood that cannot be controlled and some that can.  Distinguishing and trusting in the difference of the two can bring peace of mind, body, and spirit.    

There are 4 key elements of training: 

I) The Introduction Training module contains a brief overview of our research methods, a brief introduction to the 3 key chapters that emerged, and a discussion on some common cognitive (thinking) distortions that we all use to make sense of our lives and how couples might interrupt the negative impact they can have.  


II) Chapter 1 Training Module: Conception of Doubt, represents the process that women and couples move through when delays in conception occur.   The conception of Doubt and its negative impact on self-concept is generally developing in the very early stages of delays in conception (trying without success).  There are three primary tipping points in Chapter 1: Social Expectations (norms) that drive human behaviors; When expectations collide with Delay in Conception; and Empowering Doubt (feeding our fears with cognitive distortions).  It should be noted that Chapter 1 is predominately describing the emotional experiences of women prior to tipping into "fertility treatment".   

III) Chapter 2 Training Module: Patience to Patient is the overlapping stage when doubt has grown into a gnawing fear that something is wrong with them and women and couples begin the search for a diagnosis and a "fix".   There are also 3 primary tipping points in Chapter 2: Becoming the Infertility Patient; Compliance with Doctor/Patient Contract (agreeing to continually greater invasive treatments while giving up things and activities that they cherished because they believe it might help); Finally, the final tipping points is the emotional, spiritual, financial and interpersonal Side Effects of treatment without success; generally referred to as the "struggle".  The struggle has consequences and we explore those effects.


IV) Chapter 3 Training Module: Surrender to Life addresses a movement from feeling stuck to one of reaching for life and for what may come next.   There are 3 tipping points in Chapter 3: Rawness (when women halt and feel the consequences of treatment without success); Reach (couples reframe their situation, release past disappointments and stop trying to control the future); Renewal is the place where couples had united fond a level of peace and strength that enables them to embrace the now of their life’s and a revised definition of what parenthood might look like for them.