Private Online Class

If you prefer to have personalized experience and one-on-one guidance by one of our Certified Instructors, look no further than the Private Class setting. Our compassionate Certified Instructors will act as your personal guide, helping you throughout the course materials. Your instructor will work with you in one-on-one sessions and customize your study materials to fit the uniqueness of your journey.  

Your instructor will also provide you with the tools and strategies to remove restricting beliefs and expectations that limit what is possible. If you feel stuck, unsure, or need a greater clarity and confidence on your path forward, then this is the perfect option for you! 


  • Online Audio Course  

The Journey to Parenthood course consists of 8 online audio modules that can be completed at your convenience. You can access the entire program through your member’s area on the OC app, phone, or computer. Our learning platform is simple to navigate and provides real-time tracking, enabling you to pick up where you left off every time you return. You can post thoughts and self-reflections and read insights from other members of our private community. A truly engaging and life-changing experience!

  • Live Online Class

Our live course elevates the online learning experience. It’s specifically designed for those who prefer a structured, start-middle-end type of a class setting.

There are 4 online classes over a period of 8 weeks, hosted by a highly engaged and passionate OC Certified Instructor who has faced fertility challenges firsthand. The course is a mix of live classes and online modules, and your instructor will provide guidance as you move through the online modules in the privacy of your home.

  • Digital Workbook & Couples Guide

Our Digital Workbook and Couples Guide is available to download through your member’s area. This guide is a critical accompaniment to the online program. It’ll help you to apply the concepts of the course and to best integrate them into the uniqueness of your own journey. The guide follows each audio module and is a perfect tool to direct you as you move along.

  • Workbook & Journal Physical Kit

If you like taking notes, our Workbook and Journal Kit will become an essential part of your learning experience. The colorful workbook provides ample opportunity to reflect, take notes, and highlight key concepts that resonate with you. The soft-covered journal becomes a central place for any thoughts, moments, and self-reflections that can further guide you to achieve the Fertile Mindset ™.


  • Private Online Community

It’s the combined strength of our community that sets our course apart. Our private online community allows our members to capture thoughts, insights, and self-reflections that can help others. These posts (written and videos) will enable you to feel connected and gain wisdom from the larger group. Our community is here to provide hope, inspiration, and guidance as you progress forward.

  • Inspirational interview Series  

Every month your members area will feature an inspiring interview with an OC graduate. These raw, transparent, and open interviews help our members see other people's breakthrough moments as they gain clarity, connection, and confidence. These interviews provide personal reinforcement to ensure you stay emotionally well and in the fertile mindset.


  • Monthly Empowerment Webinars 

Our members are always invited to our monthly empowerment webinars. These calls become a place for us to learn, share, and grow together as we keep each other inspired. We explore various topics every month but always have the same goal in mind: to ensure we are here to answer your questions and discuss top-of-mind issues that you might be experiencing.

  • 24 x 7 Support  

During the course, we expect you might have thoughts and questions where you need some guidance. Our dedicated Health Advocates are here to answer any questions related to the course and your emotional wellness. Our goal is to answer any questions within 48 hours—rest assured that we’ve got your back!

  • One-on-One Personalized Guidance  

Our Team of Certified Instructors are here to work 1:1 with you and ensure you are maximizing the program to its full potential. Our instructors can help customize your course based on your unique experience. They are trained to help you break through limiting beliefs and ensure you have clarity, connection, and confidence on your journey forward.

  • iOS/Android App 

All the above can be accessed via our convenient and free Organic Conceptions Kajabi app. Simply download the "Kajabi" app from your app store, put in your Organic Conceptions account email, and follow the easy steps in the app!