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All of us at Organic Conceptions believe deeply in our purpose and our product—to help couples realize their dream of parenthood. Many of us have been there ourselves, or have seen loved ones struggle with trying to conceive. We understand, and we are here to help.

Meet the Organic Conceptions Team

Marc Sherman, Founder

Organic Conceptions began with founders Erin and Marc Sherman’s personal struggle in trying to conceive for close to a decade. Using both qualitative and quantitative research practices, they dug deep into stories from couples like them who unexpectedly overcame infertility. Every story individually holds a massive amount of insight, however when weaved together, they provide a road map that can guide others on their journey to parenthood and beyond.

Kate Webster, PhD. Chief Researcher

Kate makes meaning of the stories we have collected. Her background in Multivariate Statistics combined with a PhD in Psychology makes her the perfect partner. Her philosophy is simple—to understand, at the very core, the sorrows and joys and scientifically map the similarities among them. This mapping can enable us to pinpoint moments of transition and triggers that can weaken not only our quality of life but also damage our reproductive health.

Kellie Stryker, MSW, LCSW, Director of Reproductive Emotional Health and Development 

Kellie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in fertility, infertility, pregnancy, grief and loss. After four years of infertility treatments which included multiple losses before conceiving her daughter, Kellie realized how isolating infertility can be. As the Emotional Health Advocate with Organic Conceptions, Kellie's passion is to provide emotional support and guidance to individuals and couples as they navigate through their fertility journeys.

Jessica Wright, Fertility Advocate Team Leader

After a long and hard journey, Jessica is well aware of the challenges that couples face when struggling to conceive. As the leader of the Fertility Advocate Team, Jessica is able to channel her passion for helping couples into bringing together caring people who are motivated to help others on their Journey to Parenthood.

Ashley Rappa, Chief Marketing Officer

A big believer in the power of human connection, Ashley endured infertility for 6+ years in trying to make her own little person, before being finally blessed with a son. An early adopter of Organic Conceptions, she is passionate about helping others through one of life's most difficult emotional and physical journeys.

Our Field-Based Fertility Advocates

Our advocates are critical to providing education and training to providers and caretakers in their local market. Their mission is to advocate that a couple's emotional well being is considered a critical part of pre-conception self-care.

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Jessica Wright

Jovon Hackworth

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