Frequently Asked Questions




  1. What do men/husbands think of the program? 

The program aims to treat the couple as a unit so men and husbands are equally engaged in the Journey to Parenthood & Beyond program. While our positive feedback is predominantly from women, we have had many husbands tell us that they have benefited from the program, as well.


  1. Can one person/spouse complete the program individually? 

One person/spouse can absolutely complete the program individually. Individuals can also go back and go through it again with their partner and we encourage this considering a critical element uncovered in our research was a deeper connection and unity within the couple. The program will lead to a greater level of understanding, communication and validation. 


  1. Is there a spiritual/faith component to the program? 

The program does not take a specific stance regarding faith and religion but there are many parts and components of the program that can absolutely be enhanced and intertwined with practicing faith. 


  1. Will this help me if I am past my childbearing years but still have unresolved wounds or frustrations about my experiences of infertility? 

Yes, the program will absolutely help you get through unresolved wounds and/or frustrations about your experiences of infertility. Our number one goal is making you feel better, however that may present itself.


  1. Can I do this while also pursuing counseling? 

Yes, you can absolutely do the program while pursuing counseling. This program is not to be used as a replacement for therapy. 


  1. Does this program discuss miscarriage/child loss/grief? 

Yes, the program discusses miscarriage, child loss, and grief.


  1. Who are the voices I will hear during the audio program? 

The voices you hear during the program are those of Marc Sherman and Dr. Kate Webster as well as segments of an interview with Jessica Wright.


  1. What are the journaling exercises like? 

The journal exercises within the program follow the audio modules that are also included. There are a variety of exercises ranging from journaling, list making, filling out charts, and filling in sentences.


  1. How do you recommend completing the program? Listen or go through workbook first, second, etc? 

We recommend that you complete the workbook while listening to the audio segments simultaneously. 


  1. Does it make sense to go through the program while in treatment?

It makes sense to go through the program whether you are in treatment, considering treatment, or have been through treatment.


  1. Is the program trying to get me to give up or let go?

The program is absolutely not trying to get you to give up or let go. It is designed to help you process your journey and make sense of what is happening in a way that can have a profound impact on your quality of life and reproductive health. 



  1. Can I do both the monthly integration program and have an affiliate code? 

Yes, you can both do the monthly integration program and have an affiliate code.


  1. How can I incorporate this content into my appointments with my client(s)? 

The best way to incorporate this content into your appointments with your client(s) is, after familiarizing yourself with the program, choosing which pieces or components best align with your practice and checking in with your client(s) regarding those specific sections.


  1. What are best practices for introducing the program to my clients? 

There are five key ways to introduce/position the program to your clients. One is establishing the category. This means reminding your patients that this is not a quick-fix program and is instead designed to optimize lasting and long-term positive change. Two is validating their experience. This means validating your patients’ experiences by reassuring them that you understand that this is a traumatic time for them and that we can provide them with the tools to address it. Three is discussing their health. This means stressing to your patients that emotional health and reproductive health are directly related and that we can help to optimize their emotional health for a successful conception. Four is addressing them as a unit. This means letting your patients know that our program is designed to help both partners individually and as a unit, bringing them to unite as a couple with common ground and understanding. Five is amplifying your practice. This means understanding and highlighting that Organic Conceptions is there for your patients as the perfect complement to your practice - especially to maximize their emotional health.


  1. Who in my office should go through the practitioner training? 

We think everyone would benefit from going through our practitioner training from the providers and nurses to the front desk staff. If fertility care is the focus of the office (or even a focus among others) it is important that each person has sensitivity and compassion toward each couple that arrives at your office for care and is able to speak to the importance of emotional health and how the program intertwines with their physical care. Ultimately, you decide who should go through the training. 


  1. What does the practitioner training cover? 

The practitioner training covers everything you will need to know in order to best help your clients who are completing the program. 


  1. What is cognitive behavioral therapy and how can it benefit my clients/patients? 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (“CBT”) is a type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behavior patterns. Our program is based around CBT and will help your patients to diminish negative thought patterns and emotions and replace them with long lasting positive change and tools to stay at peace. 


  1. Who receives access from one license? 

Each license provides one couple access for a set duration of time. 


  1. Do the licenses expire? 

Each activated license does expire, but if you have a monthly integration program the license is only “used” once a couple logs in to access it. It expires upon their completion of the set amount of time they have access (4 months, 6 months, etc). In other words, if you receive two licenses per month then at the end of 6 months, if no one has been given access yet, you will have 12 licenses. They do not expire if they are not used. This flexibility will give you, the practitioner/provider, the ability to sell/bundle licenses according to the ebb and flow of your practice. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our mission is to stand side-by-side with women and couples facing fertility challenges, and guide them through optimizing their emotional well-being as a company, as a mentor, and as a friend. Our promise is to help women and couples unlock their full potential in every emotional aspect of their fertility journey. Our pledge to you is that if this program doesn't empower you and improve your overall quality of life, then we will refund your money - 100% guaranteed!


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